Top 15 Tips To Have That Lush Green Lawn Anyone Would Envy!


Maintaining a lawn is easier said than done. Always we gush at the lush green lawns at the parks or in our neighborhood and wonder how they get it done so perfectly. Fret not! We are here with not 1, not 2, but 15 easy hacks to get that perfect lawn anyone would envy! In case you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you can always rely on professionals like Lawn care in Milton to do the job for you. If you need further lawn care instructions, you can always know more here!

So, here are the easy 25 tips exclusively for you!

1) If you are planning to water the lawn, just stop a moment and check out the moisture content in the soil at present. Ideally, the top two-three inches of the soil should be dry before watering it. If not, postpone the watering for later.
2) Once you finish watering the lawn, again check the moisture content of the soil. It should ideally be wet four-six inches deep. If it not, then water again till the soil retains moisture as required. This is to ensure that your lawn remains healthy as the roots of lawn grass tend to grow deep.
3) Keep away the weeds from your lawn. If your lawn is free of weeds, consider the battle half won.
4) Make use of compost. It helps to improve the structure of the soil, its texture, its water holding capacity, and most importantly, improves the aeration properties of the soil. Make sure you do not overdo it though. Apply it only up to half an inch.
5) The lawn clippings can lure earthworms. These earthworms will break down the thatch. Thatch will never form from grass cut pieces.
6) Make use of tools designed for removing dead, matted grass or use a rake to completely get rid of the thatch during early summers or spring seasons.
7) It is always better to water your lawn in between early morning 4 am to 9 am. It can ensure that the sun rays don’t drain away the moisture as soon as you water the lawn.
8) Always keep in mind that compost cannot substitute for fertilizer. It just helps to build the organic matter content in the soil.
9) The organic fertilizers exclusively available for use on lawns can help in releasing the essential nutrients into the soil in a slow and steady pace. This aids the soil to absorb more nutrients.
10) If your lawn clippings are small enough that can get decomposed fast, then that itself can be used a nutrient for your lawn.
11) Misapplication of synthetic fertilizers can kill the soil and completely ruin the structure of soil even if your soil is the best one.
12) In case you are planning to treat the weeds, it is better to do it during their earlier life cycle itself. You can opt for any organic type weed treatment method.
13) Try pulling the weeds after watering the lawn or after a rainfall. That way, pulling it will be easy.
14) Even if the soil’s organic content increases by five percent, it can increase the water retention capacity of the soil 4 times. This can help you, especially if you are trying to grow a loan in a dry and hot climate.
15) Raking the soil or usage of organic fertilizers can lure earthworms. Hence, do all it can take to invite earthworms more.

Try out these 15 tips and soon you will have a lush green landscape!